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Conference rooms are available in many of the cities we serve. In addition to discovery and trial depositions, we offer transcripts by e-mail, word indexing of transcript testimony, condensed transcripts, paperless transcripts (transcripts on CD-ROM), and video taping of depositions.

List of our services.

  • Expedited Service

    Transcripts from your deposition or court hearing will be available within 10 business days. However, if you need your transcript sooner, our Clients can order expedited service any time of day, using our convenient online form.

  • Realtime Reporting

    Pilant Court Reporters use modern, fully computerized stenotypes, which are able to translate court reporting shorthand into Standard Written English instantly, so that those present may have immediate access to a witness’s recorded words.

  • Rough Drafts

    We offer rough digital court transcripts (also known as ASCII’s or “dirty disks”) to those involved in the litigation process. By ordering a rough draft at the end of the deposition, the parties involved can have faster access to witness testimony at a lower cost than expedited service.

  • e-Transcript
  • Word Indexing
  • Mini Transcript
  • Videography
  • Video/Transcript Synchronization
  • Exhibits Scanned in Searchable Format
  • On-Line Deposition
  • Scheduling Conference Room


Transcript Options

Paper copy
Condensed mini-script with keyword index
Additional paper copies
Multi Format Digital or Compact Disc
Searchable PDFs (Find what you’re looking for instantly!)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
WordPerfect (.wpd)
Page Perfect ASCII / Text file (.txt)
E-Transcript with Searchable Keyword Index (.ptx)
Searchable Scanned Exhibits
Other formats available upon request.

Delivery Options

Next day
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